Campomaggi, braids and studs embellish leather shoulder bags, handbags and shoppers, creating a collection with timeless lines and a vintage flavor.

Aujourd’hui, les sacs à main de créateurs italiens Roberta Pieri sont célébrés dans les centres de mode du monde entier. Roberta Pieri est en effet, Elegance In Simplicity. Nous sommes ravis que vous entrepreniez ce magnifique voyage de vie avec nous.

Today, the handbags of Italian designers Roberta Pieri are celebrated in fashion centers around the world. Roberta Pieri is indeed, Elegance In Simplicity. We are delighted that you are embarking on this wonderful journey of life with us.

Bellerose was founded in 1989 by Patrick Van Heurck. Quality is what matters most. The clothes have been designed and produced to last, using premium fabrics, with great attention to detail.

Founded in 2008 by Los Angeles native Jeff Abrams, Rails has grown from a small brand to a full collection of clothing. Rails is an American brand with a casual-refined style, which draws its inspiration from travels around the world and everyday life. Each piece in the collection is the perfect blend of comfort and refinement. Fluid materials ensure a light and timeless silhouette.

The identity of Swildens is a mix of the 70s, 80s, 90s, both bohemian and chic, rock and classic, all tinted with natural materials, refined colors and feminine cuts.

The creator of the French brand Happy has spent several years with the greatest couturiers to experiment with the work of trouser cuts. With his team, he then decides to imagine the perfect cigarette pants. From there, the Happy brand was born, which today offers, among other things, chinos that border on perfection.

Baracuta is an English brand created in 1937 by the brothers John & Isaac Miller. In the 1930s, he designed a waterproof jacket that he called the “G9”. A jacket that crosses the ages, and which was worn by many icons such as Elvis, Steve McQueen, Liam Gallagher, Daniel Craig …

Myths is a story of quality and innovation, always with an eye on design. Using the finest, lightest Marzotto woollen fabrics, we have developed a unique production method. By dyeing our wool before washing it, we ensure our clothes have the cool, vintage frosted look that has become our signature. A vision of Italian artisanal craft as a true north star in an ever changing present.

Le Temps des Cerises dresses all women in style with ready-to-wear that knows how to reinvent itself. Our collection of women’s clothing surfs the trend while showing its difference.
Le Temps des Cerises crosses the seasons and offers all women unique pieces. At the cutting edge of fashion, our brand is constantly innovating to expand your wardrobe in winter and summer and dress you for every moment of the day. In the office, on vacation, in town…

To slip his foot in a Rivecour shoe is to feel the luxury of the little toe. Classic cuts, but not really, for elegance always about. Shades in the air of time, but a staggered hair. Noble leathers (velvet goatskin, supple calf leather …) and a curvaceous bunion for unparalleled comfort and solidity to any test, or almost. A manufacture made in Portugal according to traditional methods, for the respect of the values ​​of today.

The same company of Giab was founded in 1953. It’s a Florentine designer who is imposed in the garment industry. Strict attention and research on fabrics and materials. The unique production procedures in modeling are the peculiarities of Meme By Giab’s.

In 2003 Caliban created the feminine line, on the basis of aesthetics and functionality while playing on precious details. He created the first shirts without ironing. A versatile collection, which has its roots in menswear, but adopts a dynamic identity.

Wehve is the intersection of natural beauty, colors and textures with the unmatched elegance of European design. It is this unique perspective that allows the constant reinvention of collections, while maintaining their basis in the preservation of ancient methods and traditions around the world

Hero Seven is an incredible success thanks to you who have been able to decode the codes of this way of life and pass them on to future generations.
As a photo collector of STEVE MC QUEEN, he begins by creating t-shirt lines printed with the most famous clichés of the icon. Moreover, Hero Seven is actively involved in the preservation of Amazonian forests, so the company is a partner of “Heart of the Forest”, an association that acts for the reforestation of the Amazonian forests.

Naomi & Mikako have innovated and developed not only the designs but also the patterns and manufacturing processes based on each material’s distinctive quality in order to pursue the true nature of the products. The diversity of their activities keeps driving their creations to be simple but comfortable designs.

This young brand, born in 2013 in Paris, combines a comfortable casual wear to wear with an undisguised desire for sophistication! Hod uses fabrics and materials of very high quality, loving to play with discrete details on all models. Their jeans or chinos always have a very slim fit, and guarantee a perfect fall for an exquisite silhouette. Hod is always listening to fashion … and at the right price!

Founded by the Italian tailor Chemello Urbano in 1967, the Sartoria Tramarossa project was later taken over by the four sons. Tramarossa denim is immediately recognizable by the two red lines that mark the denim. This brand manufactures these products in Venice and offers jeans of very high quality customizable, indeed it is possible to write his initials on the front left pocket.

The products Martinica Belts, is characterized by the use of precious skins, such as crocodile, python, shark, ostrich, peacock, always associated with particular finishes. Martinica Betls is dedicated to a refined and demanding target, attentive to the smallest details.

The leather goods are handmade in Germany. B. Belt is one of the most trusted names in the industry, the brand’s trademark studded belts have remained their signature to this day.

Outstanding fabrics with rock and bold prints; the feminine cuts of May June trousers flatter your curve and silhouette.

A Lifestyle brand from a charismatic designer who does not need to be presented, Blue-ink selects the best pieces and soft strong-colored pullovers from the Ralph Lauren line for women as well as the chic sportswear lines Polo and RLX for men.
Blue ink also has the honor to propose the “it bag” Soft Ricky!

Blue-ink is falling for this L.A designer specialised in denim wear. Modern cuts, unique textures and comfortable fabrics with a special focus on detail: each piece is hand dyed in California.

Mexicana was born from passion for fashion and Santiag shoes. Since 1988, this rock accessory, a symbol of freedom, has been recreated with a French touch. From hippy flowers to different shades of python prints, to sparkly and studded patterns, Mexicana boots fascinate Blue-ink every season.

This madly fresh and seriously mad brand is of our favorites!! The artist Marguerite Bartherotte uses these tops to illustrate her drawings and patterns with plenty of humour, imagination and romanticism. Blue-ink loves it!!

A different way of manufacturing shoes using fair trade cotton and rubber from Brazil.  We admire the manufacturing process and love the style !

Created in Austria in 1892, the brand was reborn after the Second World War in Nice, and asserted their easy chic vision of menswear. The brand was glorified in 2008, when Breuer had the honor of dressing the French athletes during the Olympic game in Beijing.

The view of a Vent Couvert piece incites one to touch it, the first caress is love at first sight and to try it on is to adopt it irreparably! Blue-ink is in ecstasy over the quality and noblesse of the skin, the art of processing it and the modernity of the cuts.

Born in Portobello at the end of the 70s Hackett is an ode to the British dandy style whose boldness, charm, and humour Blue-ink appreciates. The Aston Martin line is a favorite!

Blue-Ink is seduced by the sober and elegant look, as well as the high quality of Tod’s moccasins, handmade in Italy since the end of the 70s by artisans with admirable knowledge. The brand made its name thanks to Gommino soles of which we do not tire.

A dream-like universe with strong identity and creativity, this brand from Antwerp plays with shapes, fabric and details and creates pieces which stimulate your outfit and even arouse your silhouette.

Blue-ink is mad about these Italian jeans for men, with subtle distressed looks and cuts.

Blue-ink loves these glam rock jeans for women, flattering cuts and fabric with a certain element of insanity.

Founded in 2012, the history of the 0-105 brand is, above all, that of the meeting in Marseille of 3 men from the Mediterranean. Their common passion for the shoe, their specific skills gave birth to the project to design a different “Basketball”. Combine style and technique, take the models of the most beautiful skins of Italian origin, selected from prestigious tanners of Tuscany, Veneto … Use the most modern manufacturing technique, durable and comfortable, among other privilege that of the Vulcanisation, a technique that consists in pressing in an oven, the natural rubber from the rubber tree so that it closely matches the shape of the model.

Glamorous, trendy and functional handbags in precious skins, manufactured following Italian leather know-how, twisted with innovative techniques of skin coloring.

This brand has made a name for itself, thanks to the linen blouses which are printed embroidered or mixed with silk and cashmere. Blue-ink loves the sophisticated, elegant, natural style. The designer is a specialist of naturel fabric and is meticulous in the choice of raw linen of exceptional quality.

Blue-ink is enamoured with these bohemian cuts, these shades of blue. Light materials and refreshing prints!

This eponymous shoe line was created by the young designer Elia Maurizi. He used it to translate his vision, which is a mix of innovation, predilection for detail and handcraft. Always oriented to give the best quality and comfort.

Slightly eccentric and ultra-feminine patterns, an innovative use of jersey, astounding expertise of new production techniques and of fashion cuts; this up-and-coming Italian brand has seduced Blue-ink with its energy and freshness.

Valérie Khalfon, a French designer who graduated from a haute couture school, began her career in various haute couture workshops. With her experiences, she created her own brand to control each stage of her collections: from creation to the development of her models and then to production. Her creations are just like her, they are feminine, simple to wear and most of all remain faithful to the brand’s codes.

Bazar Deluxe is a women’s clothing brand specializing in the manufacture of outerwear, jackets and coats worked by hand. Unique pieces, feminine and glamour, assembled by the Tuscan tradition and embellished with details imported directly from the Middle East.