Aumtun Colors

Autumn is the favorite season at Blue ink, the pleasure of combining several pieces of different materials in warm and shimmering colors to create your favorite look.


Winter Fabrics

The fabrics and textures are available through the Blue Ink collection, in soft and discreet shades such as honey, cream, pastel. A single watchword? Enveloping materials and a natural color palette.


Authentic Preppy

For men and women the Preppy style is classic and timeless, it is a trend rooted in the clothing counter-culture that has forever changed the way we dress.


The big is chic

Present last year, the XXL coat goes into overtime. Extra long or short version, it displays oversized volumes.


Purple Rain

Attention, colors with strong personality! Purple is definitely more desirable than ever. Its energizing and even extraordinary effect is immediately charming. This season, it is gaining in distinction and maturity! From light to dark, this color, as powerful as it is creative, will wrap your style in a lot of originality.