Chic& Champetre

Loose outfits and dresses in light fabrics such as cotton, linen or muslin. Embroidery and lace are also part of the chic and rustic dress code.


Color Block

Candy pink, mandarin orange, lavender blue… Or an optimistic chromatic splash raising the color block to the rank of the ultimate exercise in summer style.



The heritage of the Navajo Indians invites itself into our wardrobes to tattoo a folk authenticity. Weavings with graphic patterns, natural materials such as leather and wool, warm tones mixed with the green of cacti from the American West, everything contributes to peace of mind!


Purple Rain

Attention, colors with strong personality! Purple is definitely more desirable than ever. Its energizing and even extraordinary effect is immediately charming. This season, it is gaining in distinction and maturity! From light to dark, this color, as powerful as it is creative, will wrap your style in a lot of originality.